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UAE Friday sermon: Eid Al Adha is a day of celebration

The sermon will tell mosque-goers to remember Allah and honour their parents during Eid

Today is a day of celebration, remembrance of Allah and honouring parents, mosque-goers will be told on Friday — the first day of Eid Al Adha.

It is a season for performing rites and acts of worship, Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), affection, delight and celebration the sermon will say.

During these days, pilgrims visited the sacred House of Allah and stood on the Mount of Arafat. On this Day, Muslims observed fasting and occupied themselves in acts of worship, and thus, won the greatest and most rewarding recompense of Allah — paradise.

Prophet Mohammed said in this regard, "There is no day when Allah saves more servants from the punishment of the Hellfire than on the Day of Arafat."

On Friday, Muslims will reap the fruits of piety and righteous acts. About these days, The Messenger of Allah said, "These days are days of eating, drinking and Dhikr."

“Truly, in this there is an indication to the leniency, tolerance, mercy and easiness of Islam. Setting a role model for humanity,” the sermon will say.

Tolerance and mercifulness is never lost with Allah, but rewarded greatly.

“This is because with pardoning people's hearts will be purified and brought close to each other.”

And as Prophet Mohammed said: "Show mercy and you will be shown mercy. Forgive and Allah will forgive you.”

Eid is also an opportunity to show kindness and gratitude to our parents. As a verse from the Quran says: "Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good."

Fathers should also be kind to their daughters and sons, siblings to one another and people to each other in general by speaking good words.

Sacrificing a goat for Eid, to distribute its meat to the less fortunate, also has its ethics, the sermon will remind worshippers.

It is encouraged for the owner of the sacrifice to attend to its slaughter and recite Takbir (saying Allahu akbar).

They are also advised to eat from their meat and give away part of it to the poor as a means of help to them. They should also gift part to the family, and relatives in order to maintain the ties of kinship. While doing this, one should have sincere intent, hoping for Allah's rewards.

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