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UAE Friday sermon: Be loyal to live a fulfilled life

Be loyal and Allah will praise you, Friday’s sermon will say.

Be loyal and Allah will praise you, Friday’s sermon says.

“Loyalty is of the good qualities and morals, and it has a great place with Allah, as it is of the Quranic commandments. Allah has praised those who are loyal. [Those who] fulfil their promise when they promise, and [those who] are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous [2:177],” the sermon says.

“So I exhort to you, Muslims, and with myself: [But yes, whoever fulfils his commitment and fears Allah – then indeed, Allah loves those who fear Him.] [3:76].”

A characteristic of the prophets’ loyalty is a sign of wiseness, “[and [of] Abraham, who fulfilled [his obligations] [53:37]”, the sermon goes on to say. To be loyal one must honour and pray for their parents, and visit their family often.

But the greatest sign of loyalty, the sermon says, is reserved for man and wife, as the Prophet Mohammed showed his loyalty to his wife, Sayeda Khadija, throughout their life and after her death, by continuing to praise and glorify her.

People must always be loyal in order to lead fulfilled lives.

“People’s lives do not continue without loyalty, as they have to cooperate with each other, and they cannot cooperate without fulfilling their loyalty,” the sermon says.

“Prophet Mohammed was extremely careful on being loyal to people, and urged them to return their debts. So, I pray that Allah will make us his loyal servants.”


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