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UAE consumer Q&As: Does Sharia law apply to non-Muslims when buying property?

And product placement at supermarket checkouts draws ire and fire.
Q: If a non-Emirati, non- Muslim buys property in the UAE does Sharia law still apply to them? What would happen if the owner passed away?

A: According to the Civil Transaction Code, UAE law shall apply to all property located within the UAE. The court will have jurisdiction by virtue of the fact that property is located within the UAE. The court will apply the Sharia principles of forced heirship. It states "inheritance is an inevitable transmission of funds and financial rights by virtue of the death of the owner to those who deserve it". Article 320 states that "inheritance is either to those entitled to a statutory or legal portion in the estate ... or those of blood relationship or both of them and then to those relatives on maternal side".

Q: Why does every purchase at a clothing or cosmetic store have to involve giving the cashier your mobile number? What are the rules with selling mobile numbers between companies?

A: A customer is not required to provide personal contact information to sellers or suppliers upon a purchase. If, however, a consumer provides contact information at his own accord with an intent to receive future offers and discounts then that personal information shall not be shared with another seller or supplier without his consent. Punishment may involve a jail sentence of up to two years and/or a fine not exceeding Dh10,000.

Q: What are the rules on placement of products in supermarkets? I know someone who had an argument with management of a supermarket over their placing of painkiller medication at the checkout counters, just above the chocolates and mints, easily within reach of children.

A: Placement of products in a supermarket is at supplier's discretion. He or she may choose to place products in accordance with their own business plan or commercial standards.

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