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UAE company car fleet registration will become easier, RTA says

Companies in the Emirates operating large fleets of vehicles will be able to pay licensing fees for all of their cars in one go

DUBAI // Companies with fleets of vehicles will be able to pay licensing fees for all their cars in one go through an eWallet system that will be introduced next year.

"We've been getting a lot of feedback from companies about the payment method currently in place; they have been unhappy with the limitations," said Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, chief executive of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Licensing Agency.

Now, the RTA says it will implement an electronic payment system for its corporate clients to make registration simpler and cut queues in service centres.

Companies will be able to set up an account with the RTA, into which they can deposit money to cover all their vehicle licensing fees.

At present, companies must hold an account with one of four selected banks in the UAE to do a direct transfer, or they are limited to using cash and credit cards to pay for licencing.

The eWallet system will be very similar to the eDirham, which the Government introduced in February 2001 as a centralised payment method for all government services. The concept was scrapped within its first few years of implementation due to technical difficulties.

"Our clients told us that they were very happy with eDirham, so that's why we based this system on that concept."

A company representative will have to do a one-time interview in person to set up the eWallet account, but following that everything can be done remotely.

Multiple trade licences can be linked to the same account. The client will receive notifications when the balance reaches a certain amount, set by the client, as well as regular online statements of all the account activities.

Funds can be deposited into the eWallet through bank transfers from any bank, online credit cards or a cash deposit at an RTA customer service centre.

Mr Bahrozyan said they would be testing the system with a handful of trusted clients for three to six months in early 2013 before implementing it. "Depending on how well it works and the response from the customers, the eWallet will expand to cover all RTA service in 2014. The Dubai government has already approved this system and, depending on how well it does, it could also be adopted to service other government departments."

The system will help to reduce waiting times at customer service centre, he said.

"We have clients who need to register 100 vehicle at a time. That can really hold up the line at a registration centre. With this system, the corporate client will be able to just drop off his papers, and collect them once they are complete or have the registrations couriered to him."

Mr Bahrozyan added that, next year, they will also introduce an automated kiosk where customers can complete the vehicle registration process without having to wait in line.

"We will introduce the kiosks at our customer service centres first, just to get people used to them. We then hope to have them place in malls and public areas.

"The kiosk will give you a printout that you can use as a temporary registration for your vehicle, and your registration card will be couriered to you in four working days."

Seven per cent of licensing transactions are currently being done remotely, without visiting an RTA office, "It was only 2 per cent seven or eight months ago. The most popular service is renewing your driver's licence at one of five trusted eye testing centres."