x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

UAE camp for Syrians on track

The UAE is to spend Dh300 million on a refugee camp it has et up in Jordan for Syrian Refugees.

DUBAI // The UAE has spent Dh300 million on Mrajeeb Al Fhood, a refugee camp the nation built for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The camp, which is 37 kilometres from the Syrian border, is nearing completion said Hazza Al Qahtani, representative of the Minister of International Cooperation and Development.

"The budget is open to increase," Mr Al Qahtani said yesterday at the Global Peace Award Forum 2013, which brings together organisations trying to create a more stable and peaceful world. It also aims to highlight the UAE's efforts and encourage initiatives in the field.

This week the Red Crescent Authority said phase one of the camp cost Dh26m. Once ready, the camp will house 25,000 refugees and ease the pressure on the Zaatari refugee camp, which has 76,000 refugees.

Jordan has received more than 300,000 refugees from Syria since the start of the civil war.

Mrajeeb Al Fhood is part of more than Dh1.1 billion in aid, to be administered directly by the UAE Government, pledged by the nation to Syrian refugees.

"The UAE's foreign aid does not have a political agenda behind it," said Mr Al Qahtani. "Our aid is aimed at relief efforts for distressed people.

"The fact the UAE has established a separate ministry to monitor and document aid coming out of the UAE . . . is a clear evidence of this."