x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

UAE camel-milk exports to Europe begin this week

Dubai company will export camel milk products to EU countries this week.

DUBAI // A Dubai-based company will export its first batch of camel milk to Europe this week, after finally receiving EU approval.

Five years after its initial application, Emirates Industry for Camel Milk and Products, which markets its products under the Camelicious brand, has received the go-ahead.

"The first shipments of camel milk and camel-milk powder will be sent for trial purposes to Denmark and the Netherlands," said Mutasher Al Badry, the deputy manager of Camelicious.

"A second shipment will be sent on July 5 to Denmark, and we will also send powder to Vienna for the production of chocolate."

The shipments to Denmark will include 750 litres of fresh camel milk each. The product will be distributed to two large drying-machinery manufacturers.

"They will carry out spray-drying trials," Mr Al Badry said.

Camelicious eventually plans to buy spray-drying machines from the EU to use in the UAE.

The shipment to Holland will include 22 kilograms of camel-milk powder and whey powder.

"We are targeting pharmaceutical companies and those that make nutritional supplements," Mr Al Badry said.

To meet rising demand, Camelicious added 400 camels to its farms this year. "From them, we are getting 1,000 litres of milk a day," Mr Al Badry added.