Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 20 August 2019

Two women charged with assault following brutal fight

One women suffered a broken nose in the attack

Two women have been charged with assault after beating each other up in the corridor of an apartment block.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the fight started as one of the women tried to recover belongings she had left at the property.

As she walked out of the flat, the 35-year-old, understood to be a Russian tourist, was set upon by a Romanian woman in the apartment.

The pair then fought so bitterly that one witness feared the tourist may have been killed in the attack.

“She took me by surprise, pulled my hair, chocked me, and punched and kicked me all over my body so that I fainted,” said the Russian.

“The tourist was on the floor while the other one pulled her hair and punched her repeatedly,” said the witness, a teacher from Ireland.

“I felt that if she kept on assaulting the other lady, she may kill her. So I told her to stop or I’d call the police. But she didn’t stop.”

After police arrived and the fight was stopped, the Russian woman was taken to Rashid Hospital, where she was treated for a broken nose.

Prosecutors charged both women with physical assault and the hearing was adjourned until April 2.

Updated: March 25, 2019 03:19 PM