x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Two killed in Sharjah gas balloon explosion

Sharjah police are investigating the cause of a gas balloon explosion that killed two men, leaving a third in critical condition.

SHARJAH // Two men died and one is in a critical condition after a cluster balloon they were filling with gas exploded.

The incident happened in a villa in the Marijah neighbourhood on Tuesday. Police are investigating what type of gas was being used.

A Bangladeshi man, 26, suffered almost 98 per cent burns and was taken to Al Qassimi Hospital but died shortly after arriving.

An Egyptian, 25, and OA, from India, were admitted to the intensive-care unit at Kuwait Hospital.

OA died around 10pm last night.

The Emirati owner of the villa told police the cluster balloon was bought at Sharjah market to be launched for National Day.