x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Two jailed for attempted murder of UAE park rangers

The men have been sentenced for shooting at park rangers to avoid arrest in Umm Al Shataan wildlife reserve.

Two men charged with the attempted murder of park rangers who tried to prevent them from hunting houbara bustards in a wildlife reserve in Abu Dhabi's Western Region have been sentenced to 22 and 21 years in prison respectively, plus fines.

In a closed-door hearing to protect the identity of one of the witnesses, Al Dhafrah Criminal Court sentenced two other men each to nearly nine years in jail, on charges of aiding and hiding the accused, and possessing firearms and alcohol.

All four men are Emiratis.

The first two had opened fire on park rangers to avoid arrest in the Umm Al Shataan wildlife reserve, where they were illegally hunting for houbara, which are large desert birds.