x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Trust us, police ask addicts

Educational campaign will warn young people about the dangers of drugs and smoking.

DUBAI // Dubai Police announced yesterday that they will launch a campaign aimed at educating young people about the risks of drug use and smoking.

"It is important to highlight the danger of smoking as our studies have showed that young people who smoke can more easily get into drugs," said Col Khalid Al Kawari, the deputy head of the police anti-drugs department.

The campaign, Smoking and Drugs Destroy Your Life, begins on Sunday and will run until October 27. The police will target schools, libraries, sports clubs and government institutions using booklets and seminars, and will send text messages.

The initiative also aims to reach out to parents whose children have problems with addiction.

"We want to raise awareness about the article of the law which protects a drug addict from punishment if he or the parent" make a report to the police, Col Al Kawari said. "We also want to emphasise that we consider addiction an illness and provide addicts with all necessary help to overcome it. We are hoping to eliminate the public's fear of dealing with police."

The campaign will also encourage government entities to report employees with addiction problems. However, it was not clear if those reported by their employers would be afforded protection from prosecution.

"Well, the law does not include that but we study each case and provide all necessary help in that regard," Col Al Kawari said.