x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Transvestites offering make-up advice at RAK hotel arrested

The men taken into custody for cross-dressing were giving "tips on hair care, make-up, skin care as well as dance classes".

RAS AL KHAIMAH // Two male transvestites have been arrested for cross-dressing after someone tipped off police they were offering women dance classes and make-up advice. Police arrested the East Asian pair in two separate raids at a Ras al Khaimah hotel. The men, a 38-year-old illegal resident, and his 33-year-old friend, were arrested after being discovered dressed in a provocative manner, said Major Hamad Ali al Dabani, chief of the RAK Police's CID. Police did not know the residence status of the second man.

They were dressed in a way that meant they could be mistaken for women, he said. He would not identify the hotel. "They gave women tips on hair care, make-up, skin care as well as dance classes amongst other female related activities," the major said. "We found a large quantity of female items in their possession other than clothes, underwear and make up." Major al Dabani said the men confessed and said they have been conducting dance classes and cross dressing in public for two months.

"One of the suspects stated that he has been a cross dresser since childhood," Major al Dabani said. "He claimed that he has been feeling that he was more feminine than masculine since then." Major al Dabani said that the emirate was home to a large expatriate community that respected the UAE's laws and culture, however some activities that are acceptable in expatriate cultures are not in the UAE.

The men have been referred to prosecutors and immigration officials for further investigation. If convicted, cross-dressers face a maximum one year in jail and a maximum fine of Dh10,000. @Email:amustafa@thenational.ae