Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 20 August 2019

Speed limits to be increased on Abu Dhabi roads to boost safety

Drivers will be able to travel up to 140kmph on certain routes in bid to bolster road safety

More 140kmph speed signs will be on show on Abu Dhabi roads in a bid to improve road safety.     
More 140kmph speed signs will be on show on Abu Dhabi roads in a bid to improve road safety.     

Speed limits will be increased on a number of Abu Dhabi roads in a bid to boost safety.

Police in the capital have announced that the maximum speed limit will be raised to 140kmph on a series of routes after investigations were carried out into the causes of accidents on the stretches.

The roads include Suwaihan Hair Road E20, starting from the roundabout of Zayed Military City up until the intersection with E75 knowns as the trucks road.

The speed will also be increased to 140 kmph on Al Ain Al Quoa Road E95, and Al Ajban-Al Sad road E16, in the area between Al Ajban Palace roundabout to Al Sad area.

The Abu Dhabi Traffic Safety Committee said the changes have been made following accurate studies of factors behind traffic accidents in these areas.

They also took into account engineering specifications, road traffic density and safety standards.

Police stressed that the speed increase is not on the mentioned roads as a whole, but on the specified areas.

The 140kmph limit is already in place on many sections of highway in the capital after a speed buffer - allowing drivers to travel 20kmph faster than the posted limit before being fined - was removed in August.

The move saw routes, such as Sheikh Zayed Road, replace 120kmph speed signs with 140kmph notices.


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