x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

RTA opens Middle East’s first accident and crisis centres

Two new centres will be used by the RTA to prepare for and respond to any transport crises in the emirate.

DUBAI // The Roads and Transport Authority has opened a Crisis Operations Centre and an Accidents Investigation Centre – the first in the Middle East.

The accident centre has the latest technology to allow for investigations and 3D simulations to prepare for potential accidents. It simulated a collision between two trains as its first test scenario.

The crisis centre will be used to handle emergencies that impact the authority’s activities or services to customers, while the accident centre will carry out investigations, analyse samples and perform technical testing.

The crisis centre’s operations room has giant screens streaming feed from 5,000 cameras fitted on Metro trains and at stations, as well as cameras monitoring various roads, marine transit routes and other authority facilities.

The centre also has hotlines to various government departments and emergency-response teams.