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Rating system to be introduced for car workshops in Abu Dhabi

Car workshops will be rated between one and five in a new pilot project spearheaded by Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council to improve vehicle repair standards.
Car workshops in Abu Dhabi will soon have a ratings system. Ravindranath K / The National
Car workshops in Abu Dhabi will soon have a ratings system. Ravindranath K / The National

ABU DHABI // Car workshops will soon be given ratings, providing motorists with greater protection against shoddy workmanship and counterfeit parts.

In a pilot project led by Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, authorities including representatives of Saaed, the road safety and accident service, will visit car workshops and rate them from one to five.

Ratings will be based on security, health and safety, appearance and environment, manpower, tools and equipment, materials and methods of work.

“It is a positive step and I think in the long run, if implemented and monitored, it will help road safety,” said David Marsh, of the National Traffic Safety Institute.

Experts from the automobile and insurance industry said the scheme would “motivate car workshop owners to upgrade their offerings, improve the quality of their services and ensure customer satisfaction”.

“The initiative is one step forward towards better safety on the roads,” said Jonathan Taylor, general manager at Al Futtaim Motors.

“It will help regulate the after-sales scene and put some higher standards to existing garages, which will filter out workshops with lower standards and leave only those that can perform decent jobs.

“That will help to curb maintenance and repair-related issues resulting from poor servicing.”

Regular servicing at an authorised dealer is crucial to guarantee the use of genuine parts and proper installation, he said.

“We often see customers coming to us with serious mechanical and electrical issues in their cars,” Mr Taylor said.

“It’s a result of servicing them at random garages with unskilled technicians who do not have access to complete service information, the most advanced technical support, factory knowledge and special service tools.”

Axel Dreyer, general manager of Mazda’s UAE dealer Galadari Automobiles, agreed.

“It’s very important for cars within warranty to be repaired by the agency that can ensure the service is done as per the manufacturer,” he said.

While the move is welcomed, much more can be done in terms of vehicle safety, experts say.

“Perhaps the Government should think about setting a standard test for mechanics and technicians before they can start working,” Mr Marsh said.

“This could help ensure they are all at the same standard. Because of the complexity of modern vehicles, it is difficult for a mechanic or technician to be an expert on all makes.

“This was possible in the past when vehicles were not as complicated, so there is a need for mechanics or technicians to be certified by the manufacturers of the vehicles they are working on.”


Updated: June 12, 2017 04:00 AM