x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Metro zone changes end need for highway dash

Transit zones are being redesigned in advance of the Green Line's opening.

DUBAI // Metro users will no longer have to risk their lives crossing Sheikh Zayed Road to save Dh1.80 on a train ticket.

When transport zones are reorganised on Friday in preparation for the opening of the Metro Green Line next month, the Muhaysnah 1 and Muhaysnah 2 stations will be in the same zone. This means passengers will no longer incur the extra tariff for changing zones when travelling between the two.

"With Muhaysnah 1 and 2 in different zones, we found that some Metro users were crossing Sheikh Zayed Road to beat the zone-change charge," said Mohammed Al Mudharreb, the director of the Unified Fare Collection Department at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). "To prevent passengers crossing the road on foot and risking their lives, we made Muhaysnah 1 and 2 into the same zone."

The changes, and an increase in the number of zones from five to seven, means some passengers will pay less, some will pay more and others will be unaffected.

Passengers travelling from Rashidiya to Dubai Mall, in the same zone, currently pay Dh2.30. From Friday they will pay Dh4.10, as they will cross into a second zone. Those travelling from Muhaysnah 1 to Mirdiff, currently two zones, will pay Dh2.30 instead Dh4.10, as the two stations will be in the same zone.

The maximum daily fare is Dh14, regardless of the number of journeys or distance covered.

The RTA has also changed monthly rates for Nol Blue cards. They will cost Dh100 a month for unlimited travel across one zone, Dh180 for neighbouring zones and Dh270 for all zones.