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Hundreds of drivers earn back their licences in Abu Dhabi

Success in police retraining programme means 581 motorists are back behind the wheel, many without black points

Hundreds of motorists earned their driving licences back after taking part in Abu Dhabi Police retraining courses.

In October last year, the force launched three programmes aimed at giving motorists an opportunity to cut the number of black points on their licence, earn back their licence if it had been withdrawn or have their confiscated car returned to them.

The force said that 581 motorists "graduated" to spread the message of more considerate driving.

The first courses - which were available in English, Arabic and Urdu, were held in the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols in Abu Dhabi city and Al Ain and ended this month.

Abu Dhabi Police spokesman Brig Ahmed Al Mazrouei said the schemes helped traffic offenders mend their ways and resulted in drivers with a better understanding of road traffic rules.

"These programmes aim to spread good knowledge of traffic and driving culture," Brig Al Mazrouei said.

Training is open to all drivers with traffic offences, said Ahmad Al Khaili, head of the traffic programme.

Successful completion of the first course will grant drivers who have between eight and 23 black points a maximum deduction of eight points per year.

Drivers who have more than 24 black points and their licence withdrawn can benefit from the second programme, while motorists whose car was confiscated can join the third programme.

For more information or to enrol, contact police services at 600566006.


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