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Emirates flights to and from Osaka in Japan cancelled due to typhoon Jebi

The storm is the worst the country has experienced in 25 years, leaving seven dead and more than 160 injured

Cancellations of Emirates flights to and from Osaka in Japan continue because of the worst typhoon the country has experienced in 25 years.

The airline cancelled flights at Osaka Kansai International Airport on Tuesday and Wednesday after the closure of the airport and heavy flooding in the area.

Typhoon Jebi made landfall in the west of the country around noon on Tuesday with winds of up to 216 kilometres an hour. According to local news agencies, seven people died and 164 were injured as a result of the storm.

“Customers who have already started their journey and are en route will be offered re-route options to Haneda and Narita airports subject to availability,” said a message on the airline’s travel updates page.

Customers who are booked to travel to/from Osaka can opt to change their flights and postpone their departure up to seven days later than they are originally scheduled to fly.

“The situation is being closely monitored. We are sorry for any inconvenience,” the statement said.

A typhoon is exactly the same weather phenomenon as a hurricane and a cyclone, an intense circular storm that forms over warm waters – the only difference is where they occur.

In the north-western Pacific they are known as typhoons, but if they occur in the North Atlantic or eastern Pacific they are called hurricanes. Cyclones occur over the south-western Pacific and Indian Ocean.


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