Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 20 February 2019

Easy ways to pay your traffic fines in the UAE

Whether online or through apps, there are many ways residents can pay their traffic fines.

ABU DHABI // A number of websites and smartphone applications allow residents to pay their traffic fines online unless instructed to visit the traffic and licensing department.

The Ministry of Interior has a centralised federal payment system that allows residents to check for fines issued in any emirate. Drivers need to provide either their licence plate number or their driving licence information.

In Abu Dhabi, the government site requests for the traffic ID, car plate number or licence number to enquire about and pay traffic fines. Motorists have to scan their Emirates ID to access the online system.

Payments can also be made through the Ministry of Interior’s mobile app through either Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Drivers can also check for Dubai traffic and Salik fines on the website of the Roads and Transport Authority . The form asks motorists to input information about their licences or vehicles to check for fines.

In Dubai, a traffic code (or TC number) is required to access the system, which provides accurate results for all vehicles registered to an individual.

Alternatively, residents can visit the website of Dubai Police to enquire and pay their traffic fines.

Another app to streamline payments is Smart Dubai Government’s DubaiNow app, available for iPhone and Android platforms.

Drivers can also access their fines and make payments by using the Dubai Police’s mobile app for iPhone and Android users.

The mPay app by Dubai Smart Government allows residents to pay traffic fines, Salik charges and utility bills. The app can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play for free.

Residents can also pay fines at an emirate’s traffic and licensing department, or the RTA service centres in Dubai.

They will be asked for their driving licence, vehicle registration card, Emirates ID and vehicle insurance papers.


Updated: August 1, 2016 04:00 AM