x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Dubai offers online registration renewals to motorists

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is launching an online service to cut waiting times at its centres.

DUBAI // Motorists can now re-register their driving licences and vehicles online. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched an online service yesterday to cut waiting times at its centres and provide a quicker service for customers. "We have reduced the complete visit time to the RTA," said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, chief executive of the RTA Licensing Agency. "It is a very simple system to use. We will see a lot more online services in the coming months.

"We have started with the two main ones that have the highest volume, which are the renewal of driving licences and renewal of vehicles." The agency designed a portal on its website that contains motorists' details, including the number of cars they own, licence plates, fines owed and applications to renew driving licences and re-register vehicles. To renew a driving licence, motorists must take an eye test at either Al Jaber Optical Centre or Yateem Optician - the service will eventually be expanded to include more opticians. The optician will upload the results of the eye test, along with a passport photo. A passport copy is also required.

After applying online, it will take four working days to receive a licence that will be delivered by a courier at no extra cost. To re-register a vehicle, a profile must be first created online at www.rta.ae. The vehicle can be brought to a certified testing centre, which will upload the results to the owner's profile. The RTA has also teamed up with a number of insurance companies, which will automatically feed their policies in to the RTA's database. "If you are dealing with another insurance company that does not work with us, you as a customer can enter the data and we will crosscheck the details," Mr Bahrozyan said.

"You still have to make a visit to the insurance company and get the car tested, which is standard." The motorist can then log onto the site, pay the fines and fees, and receive the card within four working days by courier. People who have a light vehicle less than three years old need not go to an inspection centre, Mr Bahrozyan said. The RTA is also hoping to streamline the insurance database in Dubai, he said.