x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 21 July 2017

Dubai Metro users given lessons in queuing in a bid to reduce pushing

Take our poll: The Dubai Metro has put up new stickers to educate commuters about common courtesy when boarding and alighting the train.

DUBAI // For those who have yet to learn the concept of queueing, the Dubai Metro has stepped in with helpful instructional stickers on the doors at certain stations.

The first signs went up on December 12 at Danube station and a few other busy stations.

The Roads and Transport Authorty (RTA) says the new signs will be on the doors at all stations before long.

"We are posting these signs in response to a large number of suggestions and complaints we've received from commuters about people not waiting to allow others to disembark before boarding the train," said Ramadan Abdullah, the director of the Rail Operations Department at the RTA's Rail Agency.

He added that the high number of commuters at certain stations had cause some chaos on the terminals.

The RTA had to think about implementing etiquette rules to ensure people have a smooth and pleasant journey and are not put off the idea of using public transportation, he said.