Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 22 May 2019

Drivers in Abu Dhabi hit with 44,000 speeding fines by mobile police units

Motorists were caught by hand-held guns across the emirate

A policeman holding a speed gun. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi police.
A policeman holding a speed gun. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi police.

Police officers with hand-held speed cameras clocked tens of thousands of drivers in Abu Dhabi last month.

Abu Dhabi Police handed out 44,000 penalties - fines are typically Dh600 plus black points for some offences - after catching them with the digital devices.

That number did not include the many caught by stationary scanners seen at the side of the road.

Brig Gen Salem Al Dhaheri, head of exterior roads in Abu Dhabi police, said officers on the ground and in parked cars are catching more and more offenders.

He also urged drivers to ensure every occupant of the vehicle has a seatbelt on and keep their phones out of their hands.

In total, 4.6 million fines for traffic offences were handed out last year, the same year road deaths fell to 199, from 289 the year before.

In August, speed limits were overhauled in the capital and the speed buffer - which allowed drivers to travel at up to 20kph more than the advertised speed limit before they got a ticket - was phased out across Abu Dhabi.

The other emirates, which typically allow drivers to travel at 140kph on a 120kph section of motorway, for example, are considering following suit.


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