x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Direct and expanded express bus service for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Reem Island and Al Maryah Island among the destinations now served as 10 bus routes are beefed up to help commuters.

ABU DHABI // Direct and expanded express bus service has been introduced for 10 existing bus routes in Abu Dhabi and five in Ai Ain to provide a wider geographic coverage for commuters, the Department of Transport announced today.

"These route modifications have been implemented following a comprehensive study conducted by the DoT on all existing route services with an aim to address commuters' needs of world-class, convenient and almost around-the-clock bus transportation options," said Saeed Al Hameli, general manager of the bus division at the Department of Transport (DoT).

Route 5 links the Marina area with the commercial district of Sowwah Square on Al Maryah Island. The DoT has eliminated the bus stop at the Abu Dhabi Municipality on this route.

Route 7 will now stop at Sun Tower on Al Reem Island, from the Marina area. Route 8 has been expanded to reach the Fish Market on Al Mina from Al Bateen West. The service arriving at the Marina has been cancelled and replaced with bus routes 9 and 11.

Route 9 will stop at Abu Dhabi Municipality. Route 032 has been expanded, providing direct service to Al Khabairah area, Al Khalidiyah, and Al Muroor from Al Maqta West.

Route 034, which links the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club in Al Ras Al Akhdar and the Abu Dhabi Courts, will offer direct service to Al Ras Al Akhdar, Al Khalidiyah, and Al Muroor.

Route 044, which starts at the Officers Club, will expand to the Iranian Market through Al Mina, reducing the travel time through Al Mushrif.

Route 052 will connect Abu Dhabi Courts to Sowwah Square on Al Maryah Island, while Route 054 has been expanded to reach the Fish Market from the Petroleum Institute, on Umm Al Naar.

Route 056 will take passengers from Mina Souq to Khalifa Park.

In Al Ain, Route 350 which links the bus station with the Police School in Sweihan, has eliminated its stop at Salamat and Al Yahar North Interchange.

Route 440, which connects Al Ain bus station with Musaffah bus station, has eliminated service between Tawam Hospital and Al Ain Airport. The route now starts from Al Ain bus station, stopping at Al Yahar North Interchange and Al Saad Police Station, changing the route from Al Khatim, to stop inside Musaffah bus station in Abu Dhabi.

Route 490 which connects Abu Dhabi International Airport with Al Ain bus station will stop at Al Yahar North Interchange and Al Saad Police Station, then change routes in Al Khatim. Bus stops have been eliminated at Abu Dhabi University and Al Mafraq Hospital. Route 490 extends to Terminal 2 at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Route 491, which links Al Ain Souq with Al Yahar North, now extends to Alf Maskan area and stops at Al Yahar North Exchange. Route X90, linking Al Ain bus station with Abu Dhabi bus station, now stops at Al Yahar North Interchange.

Recently, the DoT expanded its bus services by operating nine new routes: three in Abu Dhabi and six in Al Ain. Providing services for commuters in both cities, the new services have increased the number of total daily bus trips in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain by 27 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively.