x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

Death threats over parking spaces, court hears

Man told couple he would kill them if they blocked his car from leaving, prosecutors say.


DUBAI // A student was charged this morning with threatening to kill a couple if they continued to park their car in his building's car park.

Court records said the 22-year-old Jordanian student, AM, threatened PK, 64, and his wife RD, 57, both of whom are Indian, saying their vehicle was blocking his.
Prosecutors also accused AM of insulting RD. He denied all the charges.

PK told prosecutors that on April 13, 2010, last year he heard honking and screaming outside while he was in the shower.

RD testified that she looked out the window to see who was honking and calling her husband’s name, and when she saw the suspect, he started insulting her.

“He asked for my husband and i told him he was in the shower,” she told prosecutors.

She added that AM then showed up at their door as her husband rode the lift down to meet with him.

“When i opened the door, he told me the F word,” she said.

AM then followed her husband to the car park, records say, and threatened to kill him and his wife if they blocked his car again.

The couple’s neighbour, a 35-year-old accountant, told prosecutors he was standing on his balcony when he saw the suspect yelling and threatening PK. He added that AM's car was not blocked from where he was looking.

A verdict is expected on February 9.