x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Bus routes extended for iftar

Bus routes have extended for people wanting to break their fast at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during Ramadan.

ABU DHABI// People wanting to break their fast at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during Ramadan can ride on two bus routes out of the city. Routes 32 and 54 of the Department of Transport's new bus service have been extended to the mosque from 4pm to 11pm daily through the holy month. Buses on these routes will run past their usual last stop behind Carrefour on Airport Road. "There are more buses and the routes have been extended from Maghreb prayer until after Taraweeh prayer and also to bring people who want iftar at Sheikh Zayed Mosque during Ramadan," said Saeed al Hameli, general manager of bus transportation.

Buses on route 32 depart from Marina Mall, go up Sheikh Zayed the First Street and across Airport Road. Route 54 buses depart from the City Air Terminal near Abu Dhabi Mall, go down Hamdan Street and across Fourth Street. Mr Hameli said the wait time between buses on those routes is still 20 minutes. Some buses that normally serve the suburbs of Shahama and Baniyas will be diverted to the extended routes.

The bus service will be suspended at around 5.45 pm so drivers can break fast and will resume immediately after, added Mr Hameli. @email:mchung@thenational.ae