x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Al Ain police seize 152 driving licences in March

A licence is seized for three months for a first offence for a driver who amasses 24 black points, six months for a second offence, and a year for a third.

ABU DHABI // Al Ain police seized 152 driving licences last month after the 24 penalty points limit was crossed.

Major Salah Al Humairi, chief of the Al Ain traffic and patrols section, said there are several offences that result in penalty points accrued to a driver’s licence.

A lorry driver who dangerously overtakes another vehicle will be given 24 black points, for example, while dangerous driving or racing on the road will lead to 12 penalty points.

Maj Al Humairi said a licence is seized for three months for a driver who amasses 24 penalty points for the first time, six months the second time, a year for the third time and finally the licence is cancelled permanently.

Maj Al Humairi urged motorists to observe the traffic laws and warned against speed, which is the cause of most offences.