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Abu Dhabi traffic police issue nearly 2,000 fines to motorcyclists

Abu Dhabi traffic police issued 1,872 fines to motorcyclists in the first eight months of this year, with nearly a fifth for illegal overtaking.

ABU DHABI // Almost 2,000 fines were issued to motorcyclists in the emirate over the first eight months of this year.

Abu Dhabi traffic police issued 1,872 fines to riders, of which nearly a fifth were for illegal overtaking.

Another 300 fines were issued for speeding and 96 for not wearing helmets.

Overtaking by drivers is a serious problem and one of the most common causes for collisions.

Those who wrongfully overtake face a Dh200 fine and having their vehicle confiscated for a week, said Brig Gen Hussain Al Harethi, head of Abu Dhabi traffic police.

“This violation is very dangerous for bikers and road users alike,” Brig Al Harethi said.

“The penalties cover wrongful overtaking in general, overtaking between vehicles stopped at crossroads, as well as overtaking between vehicles during traffic accidents.”

In the first eight months there were 51 traffic accidents caused by motorcycles.

Reasons included sudden turning, lack of experience, speeding, running red lights, not leaving enough space between vehicles, entering a main road without ensuring it was clear, neglect and inattention.

Brig Al Harethi urged drivers to adhere to general regulations, such as wearing helmets.

“Bikers should also wear goggles to protect their eyes against dust and insects,” he said.

“They should also wear gloves to protect their hands and wear biker boots specially manufactured for desert bikes to protect their legs.”

Bikes should also be checked regularly, with attention to engine oil, brakes, lights, suspension and tyres, Brig Al Harethi said.