x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Abu Dhabi sets up 10 high-tech traffic cameras at junctions

Abu Dhabi Police have activated the cameras, which use no-flash technology, as part of their traffic monitoring system.

ABU DHABI // Ten new cameras have been fitted to traffic lights in the capital, raising the number of equipped junctions to 36.

Brig Gen Hussein Al Harthi, the director of the Traffic and Patrols directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, said the devices used state-of-the-art infrared, no-flash technology to capture offences.

The 3-D cameras are thermal and cover more than five lanes in each direction, scanning the licence plates of all passing vehicles.

They can also determine the number and classification of vehicles and the average speed, as well as identify the number and direction of pedestrians crossing at red and green lights.

The cameras are part of the traffic department’s monitoring system project, which started last year with cameras at more than 150 junctions in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region.

Offences included running red lights, wrongful use of lanes, vehicles trespassing over pedestrian lines, excessive speed and making turns or u-turns from unspecified lanes.

Brig Gen Al Harthi called on motorists to observe traffic rules and avoid obstructing traffic flow at junctions.

He said the advanced traffic monitoring system enabled the ongoing assessment of junctions and how they affect road safety.

The system is directly linked to a text messaging system that alerts motorists about road conditions.