Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 21 September 2019

Transit passenger jailed for touching himself and insulting police officer at Dubai International Airport

Man carried out indecent act after being told items would have to be confiscated before he boarded plane

A transit passenger who touched his genitals and hurled abuse at a police officer after being told he couldn't board a plane with a large haul of batteries has been locked up for three months.

The defendant, 34, flew into a rage after being told the items would be confiscated by a police officer during his stop-off at the airport on January 18, a court was told.

“He started yelling at me, using bad language to address me, wouldn't cooperate at all and in fact started rejecting our procedures,” said the Emirati policeman, 26.

“My colleague and I told him it was not allowed and it poses danger and that he must leave them behind.”

The Pakistani man insisted on taking the items onto the plane and as the two officers tried to convince him, he showered the victim with insults before he touched himself publicly at the airport in a sign of disrespect.

“It was within seconds that a crowd surrounded us as he insulted me, my mother and my sister,” said the officer.

His colleague told prosecutors that he suspected the man was drunk. “I could smell alcohol on him,” said the 42-year-old corporal.

In court, the man denied charges of assaulting and insulting an officer as well as committing an indecent act publicly.

He was convicted and will be deported after serving three months in prison.

Updated: June 10, 2018 06:24 PM