x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Topher graces Abu Dhabi for The Double premiere

Grace said he felt like the 'Hollywood heartthrob' of the festival.

ABU DHABI // The former television star Topher Grace, of That '70s Show fame, took to the red carpet yesterday for the world premiere of the spy thriller The Double, directed by Michael Brandt.

Grace was the only star of the movie to make it to the world premiere at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Neither Richard Gere nor Charlie Sheen attended.

"The best thing about this movie was having the opportunity to work all summer with Richard Gere, who is my idol," he said.

There has been some disappointment with the absence of A-list celebrities at this year's festival, but Grace drew a few excited screams from his female fans.

"It feels good to be the festival's Hollywood heartthrob," he said. "Normally in Hollywood I'm only number 28."

The Double has attracted a fair amount of interest in the Emirates, partly because of its production collaboration between Hyde Entertainment and the local company Image Nation.

Image Nation is owned by Abu Dhabi Media, which also owns and publishes The National.

The movie, which is Brandt's directorial debut, is described as a thriller with plot twists and a few laughs.

The festival was chosen for the movie's world premiere because of Image Nation's role in its production.

"I love this place," Grace said, when asked about his impressions of the capital. "I am going to stick around for a while."