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Today in history: May 14

The events which helped shape history on this day.

1811 Paraguay achieved independence from Spain with the bloodless overthrow of the country's royal governor.

1643 Louis XIV became King of France at age four upon the death of his father, Louis XIII.

1796 English physician Edward Jenner inoculated 8-year-old James Phipps against smallpox by using cowpox matter.

In 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory as well as the Pacific Northwest left camp near present-day Hartford, Ill.

1860 the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States arrived in Washington.

1900 the Olympic games opened in Paris, held as part of the 1900 World's Fair.

1940 the Netherlands surrendered to invading German forces during World War II.

1948 according to the current-era calendar, the independent state of Israel was proclaimed in Tel Aviv.

1961 Freedom Riders were attacked by violent mobs in Anniston and Birmingham, Ala.

1973 the United States launched Skylab 1, its first manned space station.

1998 singer-actor Frank Sinatra died at a Los Angeles hospital at age 82. The hit sitcom "Seinfeld" aired its final episode after nine years on NBC.

Ten years ago The Supreme Court ruled 8-0 that there is no exception in federal law for people to use marijuana for medical purposes. Promising to be a "determined adversary" toward gun violence, President George W. Bush announced plans to mobilize federal and local prosecutors who would focus exclusively on gun-related crimes.

Five years ago Mexico's President Vicente (vih-SEN'-tay) Fox telephoned President George W. Bush to express concern about what he called the possibility of a "militarized" U.S.-Mexican border, a day before Bush's planned Oval Office speech on immigration. Rene Preval (reh-NAY' preh-VAHL') was sworn in as Haiti's president for the second time in a decade. Former U.S. poet laureate Stanley Kunitz died in New York at age 100. Aras Baskauskas (AH'-rahs bush-KOW'-kis), a 24-year-old yoga instructor from Santa Monica, Calif., won "Survivor: Panama, Exile Island," the 12th edition of the CBS reality show.

One year ago President Barack Obama heatedly condemned what he called a "ridiculous spectacle" of oil executives shifting blame for the BP oil spill in congressional hearings and denounced a "cozy relationship" between their companies and the federal government. Space shuttle Atlantis thundered away on its final voyage to orbit. NBC canceled the long-running crime/courtroom drama "Law & Order" after 20 seasons on the air.