Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 19 August 2019

Thousands benefit from UAE labour card fine grace period

In it's first 15 days the Ministry of Labour initiative has benefited 6,000 employees.

ABU DHABI // A grace period for the settlement of labour card fines has benefited 6,000 employees from 3,800 firms in its first 15 days, the Ministry of Labour has said.

“The decision, which accepts Dh1,000 per fine, has achieved savings for those enterprises worth Dh64 million, as firms paid only Dh6 million as opposed to the amount due of Dh70 million,” said Humaid bin Deemas, assistant under-secretary for Labour Affairs.

He said that around 95,000 fines were issued against 40 thousand companies for not renewing workers’ labour cards and 5,000 had been fined for entering the country without applying for workers’ new labour cards, not cancelling their work permits, or been reported missing from duty.

He said that fines worth Dh2.85 billion will be reduced to around Dh100 million after the application of the decision.

“We discussed during the meeting follow up procedures with regards to the implementation of the fine settlement grace period, emphasising the need to form special teams that work closely with the departments of Residency and Foreign Affairs and the department of Economic Development to mark non-complying facilities and urge owners to take advantage of the grace period,” Deemas said.


Updated: January 20, 2015 04:00 AM