Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 25 April 2019

'Thief' breaks policeman's arm while resisting arrest, court told

As police approached the suspect, who has been watching them speak to the man he was suspected of stealing from, he turned violent and resisted arrest

A man suspected of stealing assaulted two police officers, breaking one’s arm, after they approached him for questioning, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On August 27, Dubai Police received a report about two men attacking a pedestrian in Al Rafaa and stealing more than Dh5,000 in cash from him.

The nearest police patrol responded to the report and took a description of the assailants from the Indian victim.

“He told us that two African men attacked him. One pulled a bag from his hand and the other snatched the cash from his pocket before they both fled,” said the Emirati policeman.

The officer said that while he and his colleague were speaking to the victim, a passer-by told them that a man was watching them closely from behind a parked car.

“All three of us looked at the man, then the victim shouted that it was one of the two attackers so we went to see him and question him,” said the policeman.

They approached the Nigerian man, 29, who resisted arrest.

“He ran and we gave chase. When I caught up and tried to hand cuff him, he assaulted me and threw me to the floor breaking my left arm,” said the policeman.

The suspect was subdued and arrested.

In court, the accused denied charges of theft and physical assault.

The court will issue its verdict on June 28.

Updated: June 21, 2018 01:18 PM