x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

The most expensive schools: Abu Dhabi and Dubai

1. The British International School, Abu Dhabi FS1 (foundation stage): Dh46,497 (Unable to confirm 2008-2009 school fees). 2. American Community School KG1 (foundation stage): Dh 26,000 up from Dh23,295 (12 per cent increase) 3. Gems American Academy KG1: Dh25,000 (No increase) 4. American International School KG1: Dh26,620 up from Dh24,200 (nine per cent increase) 5. Raha International: KG1 Dh35,000 (Unable to confirm 2008-2009 school fees)

1. American Community School Grade 11 ? 12 Dh66,000 up from Dh59,650 (11 per cent increase) 2. Sheikh Zayed Private Academy Grade 12: Dh54,700 (unable to confirm 2008-2009 fees) 3. Raha International Added grade 11 (Dh52,920) this year. Grade 10: Dh50,400 same as last year. (No increase) 4. Al Khubairat Secondary: Dh51,705 up from Dh46,995 (10 per cent increase) 5. American International School Grade 12: Dh48,400 up from Dh44,000 (10 per cent increase)

1. Gems World Academy KG1: Dh53,000 (No increase) 2. Repton FS1: Dh42,500 (No increase) 3. Greenfield Community School KG1: Dh35,840 up from Dh32,000 (12 per cent increase) 4. Gems Wellington Primary School FS1: Dh34,510 (no increase) 5. Dubai British School FS1: Dh35,400 (could not confirm increase)

1. World Academy Grade 12: Dh92,000 (no increase) 2. Repton Dubai Year 13: Dh85,000 for day school (no increase) 3. Wellington International School Year 13 Dh72,335 up from Dh64,585 (12 per cent increase)

4. Jumeirah English Speaking School Years 12 ? 13: Dh70,746, up from Dh53,865 (unable to confirm increase) 5. Gems Jumeirah College Year 13: Dh69,035 raised from Dh60,030 (15 per cent increase)