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That proves it … cannon balls can be dangerous things

News you can lose: TV programme proves cannon balls are dangerous, nearly half of British workers will check emails over Christmasand the world's oldest dog dies.

An experiment by the popular TV science series MythBusters saw a cannon ball blast through the bedroom of a sleeping couple after an artillery piece misfired.

The ball was travelling at about 305 metres a second when it hit the house in a San Francisco Bay suburb. It bounced off the roof of another home then smashed the window of a minivan.

The experiment was to find out if other materials have the same effect as a normal cannon ball when fired. MythBusters said "all proper safety protocol was observed".

No time for Christmas

Workers in Britain are said to be so obsessed with their work emails that nearly half of them plan to check their messages over the Christmas break.

A survey by a security company shows that the worst offenders are aged between 18 and 24, while those older than 50 were least bothered about picking up their work messages.

The poll concluded that the workers who were most likely to check their emails were those most worried about losing their jobs.

Thirty four per cent said they had no intention of checking their work messages over the holidays but one in five said they feared becoming "competitively disadvantaged" if they did not.

Shark magnet

Traditional healers may be responsible for a South African beach becoming the most dangerous in the world for shark attacks.

The stretch of Indian Ocean in the Eastern Cape has been the scene of five fatalities in as many years, with three in 2009. Michael Gatcke, the owner of a guesthouse, saw the latest victim, a teenage surfer, being savaged to death in January.

Experts say the killers are mostly zambezi sharks, known as the "pitbulls of the ocean". One theory is that the sharks are attracted to the beach because of ceremonial animal sacrifices carried out there by traditional healers.

Alec's next word: sorry

The actor Alec Baldwin has apologised to airline passengers who were delayed when he refused to stop playing a computer word game on his phone.

Flight attendants had asked Mr Baldwin, 53, to turn off the phone before take-off on a flight from Los Angeles. The star of the TV series 30 Rock was then thrown off the aircraft for refusing to do so.

In a statement, he apologised to other passengers but mocked American Airlines on his Twitter account, saying it was a company "where Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950s find jobs as flight attendants".

Dead at 180 dog years old

The world's oldest dog has died in Japan, its owner says. Pusuke, a Shiba mix, had reached 26 years and eight months, said Yumiko Shinohara.

Mrs Shinohara said she would like to thank the dog "for staying alive so long".

Pusuke was born on April 1, 1985, and was recognised as the world's oldest living dog last December. Guinness World Records says the oldest canine known was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who was put to sleep at the age of 29 in 1939.