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Testy Bieber branded brat

Justin Bieber was a little sharp with his minder at a Mayfair restaurant. That's all it took to win him a 'bad boy' reputation.

Boy Bieber growing up?
Boy Bieber growing up?

All it seems is not well at Camp Justin Bieber. The 16-year-old star, who by all accounts is normally impeccably behaved, has sent shockwaves through the tabloid newspaper/gossip magazine fraternity by publicly acting up at the swish Mayfair restaurant La Porte Des Indes.

Whatever provoked this out-of-character behaviour is not known, but it does make you wonder: has stardom taken its toll? Will it be rehab for the teen idol before he even hits 18? How will legions of female fans react to his new incarnation as altogether edgy, bad-boy Bieber?

Well, in the unlikely event that you were going to, it's probably not necessary to worry about any of the above just yet. In truth, Bieber's style of tantrum is a long way from registering as even vaguely rock and roll. Apparently, he drew a moustache on his face (aspiring to be all grown up?), clowned around with a remote-control toy before abandoning it, and later when leaving the restaurant, got rather shirty with his burly minder.

While it might well border on the bratty, this sort of acting out is far from debauched, and for now it seems we can all rest easy in the knowledge that the Canadian singer hasn't lost the plot just yet.

If televisions start getting thrown out of windows, that's when it's time to worry...