x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

Tent city springs up in Fujairah for National Day

A kaleidoscope of plastic tents has sprung up overnight in Fujairah, as campers came from across the UAE to join in National Day celebrations.

FUJAIRAH // Next to cars decorated in red, green, white, and black, a kaleidoscope of plastic tents have sprung up overnight in Fujairah, as campers came from across the UAE to join in the national day celebrations taking place here.

By 9am, there was a rush to find a "free tree" in the eastern emirate. Most of the sparsely spread out desert trees were already booked with colourful tents by the families who came out to picnic under their branches.

"The weather and the atmosphere here is so great," said Abdulaziz Al Jesmi, 35, who came with 15 members of his family from Dubai. They came last night to beat the rush of finding "the right tree" for their camping site.

"We are so proud of our country, it has everything: it has the beaches, the desert and the mountains, and we will be going camping to each of these places this festive weekend."

The Friday market en route to Fujairah was stocked to the nines with flags and UAE national day memorabilia, and cars stopped by to add a flag or two.

"Just today, I sold 120 flags," said Hadul Khan, decked in national scarfs, caps, and badges with images of President Sheikh Khalifa.

Mr Khan, from Bangladesh, usually sells pottery at the market. But today, he put that job on hold for "sake of national day".

"This is a lot more fun: we get to meet so many more people as we help them put the flags on their cars," he said.

"Happy birthday, UAE!" he yelled out as yet another car left with one of his flags.