Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 20 September 2019

Teenager 'stabs security guard to enter Jennifer Lopez’s concert in Dubai'

A group of young men were trying to enter the concert with fake tickets, the court hears

Jennifer Lopez on stage in Dubai. 
Jennifer Lopez on stage in Dubai. 

A teenager stabbed a security guard who caught him trying to sneak into the Jennifer Lopez concert in Dubai, the court of misdemeanours heard.

At around 10pm on November 17, the Iraqi security guard, 36, spotted a group of young men attempting to enter the concert with fake tickets.

“I was with an Indian colleague and both headed to the location of the men who were trying to sneak into the party. When we got there, we asked them to hand in the fake tickets but they refused and attacked us,” the security guard told the court.

“Suddenly one of them stabbed me in the back before screaming at his friends telling them to run away saying: ‘I stabbed him, run.’”.

The security guard was taken to a first aid room on site until police and paramedics arrived.

During police questioning, the guard said the group of six or seven men started the assault.

“I can’t remember their number exactly but we didn't insult them or anything, we just asked them for the altered tickets but they started screaming at us then they hit us with their bare hands before one of them stabbed me,” he said.

Police could not find a recording of the incident as the location lacked surveillance cameras. However, they were able to get information about the identity of one of the attackers from a ticket they left behind.

One of the men was then arrested and during questioning, tipped off police about the identity of the stabber.

“I didn't stab him, I didn't even know he was stabbed, I was waiting for a friend who was at the concert and when he came out along with two others I don't know, he told me the concert was boring and that we should leave, he then handed me a ticket and at that moment, the guards came and one of them grabbed my friend’s friend by the neck,” said the 19-year-old Syrian defendant.

He said he ran away when the fight broke out and in court on Monday, denied a charge of assaulting the safety of a person.

Court records did not disclose if the others were also arrested.

The next hearing will be held on March 26.

Updated: March 13, 2018 03:54 PM