x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Take pride in your job, Friday's sermon decrees

Muslims are reminded to take pride in their work no matter their positions.

ABU DHABI // All workers should take pride in their jobs because Islam respects all occupations, today's sermon reminds worshippers.

"Islam holds in high esteem any work, no matter how simple it may seem, as long as it contributes to the progress of the society," says the sermon.

"This is because the enterprise of populating the earth requires the genius of the scientist, the wealth of the businessman and the management of the skilled executive," explains the sermon. "But still such a mission needs an equal input from the worker, who works with his hands to bring into focus the meanings of beauty."

The Prophet Mohammed once said: "Iman [faith] has over seventy or over 60 branches, the uppermost of which is the declaration: none has the right to be worshipped save Allah and the least of which is the removal of harmful objects from the road."

The Prophet even described "removing stones, thorns and bones from people's path" as an act of charity.

People should show their gratitude to all workers, says the sermon, which quotes another hadith: "Whoever is not grateful to the people is not grateful to Allah."

The Prophet Mohammed once noticed the absence of a lady who used to sweep the mosque. When he inquired about her he was told she had died, so he asked to be led to the lady's grave and said a prayer for her.

Ways of showing gratitude for someone's work include praying for them, saying good words to and about them.

"Whoever does you a favour, then reciprocate, and if you cannot, then supplicate for him until you think that you have repaid him," said the Prophet Mohammed.