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Student high on drugs who set dogs on Dubai policemen has jail term upheld

The Iranian must serve five years and he will be deported once he has completed the term.

DUBAI // A man sentenced to five years for assaulting two police officers trying to arrest him because he was high on drugs had his sentence upheld on Tuesday.

Iranian student MD, 26, was also fined Dh20,000 and ordered to be deported at a retrial at Dubai Criminal Court, after the sentence was first issued in absentia.

A retrial is a legal right for those sentenced in absentia.

On the day of the incident, on March 15, 2011, the student ran off when approached by the officers before he set two large dogs on them by opening their cages before jumping over a wall to escape, the court was told.

When the officers, GS and AS, caught up with the Iranian, he fought them, bruising the officers and breaking AS’s toe in the process.

When backup arrived, police got the man under control and then searched his apartment.

No drugs were found but he was taken for a drugs test, which came out positive, prosecutors said.

Dubai Police’s anti-narcotics department was acting on a tip-off that MD was in possession of and consuming drugs.

Investigators tracked him down to his home in Al Qusais, where the incident unfolded.

The student was jailed for the assault and for consuming drugs.