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Sponsor caught maid using home for affair through Facebook photos, Dubai could told

The maid allegedly took her lover into her sponsor's home while he was away to 'listen to foreign music'

A maid who took her lover into her sponsor's Al Qusais home to conduct an affair was caught out after she posted pictures of the two of them on Facebook.

An Emirati armed forces retiree, 74, told prosecutors that in June this year he learnt his maid was sharing pictures of herself on Facebook that had been taken inside his home. Some of the pictures showed her with a man.

“I checked her Facebook account and saw the pictures. In some of them, she was with a man inside my living room. In another, she was wearing my wife’s expensive ring, which went missing a while ago,” said the man.

He said the Filipino maid, 32, abused his trust by letting the stranger into his home, especially as she is left to look after the place every Friday when he goes with his family to Ras Al Khaimah.

The man installed surveillance cameras inside and outside his home and said that he saw the maid and her friend having fun and dancing to foreign music.

“The signs of them having an affair were clear,” he claimed.

“After I obtained a recording of her and the man, I confronted her and she admitted to having sex with her lover inside my house,” said the man.

The maid also admitted stealing the ring she was seen wearing in one of the pictures.

The lover has not been apprehended.

In Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday morning, she denied charges of theft, having consensual sex and trespassing.

The next hearing will be on September 19.

Updated: September 5, 2018 04:34 PM