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Speeding drivers take to the Palm

Residents say they are being kept awake as drivers speed up between humps at night.

Residents of The Palm's Golden Mile in Dubai are complaining of excessive noise from cars and motorcycles.
Residents of The Palm's Golden Mile in Dubai are complaining of excessive noise from cars and motorcycles.

DUBAI // Residents of the Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile say they are suffering sleepless nights because noisy sports cars and motorcycles accelerate between speed humps.

Those living along a 700-metre stretch of roadway in the area are particularly up in arms, demanding that police take action to curb the disturbances. They are hoping an increase in nighttime patrols or the installation of a speed camera will solve the problem.

“When my sponsor rented here he had no idea it was going to be like this,” said Marie Agbannaoag, a Filipina with a domestic job in the area. “The sounds coming from the street are too loud and they wake up everyone, including the baby.”

The issue has led one local man to videotape motorcycles and cars when they accelerate. He plans to turn the videos over to the authorities in hopes of getting action.

“The police are here all the time issuing parking tickets but they don’t do much else,” said the resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We need them here to take care of this problem.

“I rented on The Palm to enjoy the serenity and the sea views but there is no serenity here. I spoke with police officers here weeks ago and they said they would pay attention but the racing goes on.”

Speed humps on the Golden Mile, which runs through the middle of the development, are placed approximately 200m apart except in front of buildings 5, 6, 7 and 8, where there is one speed hump and then an overpass. The next speed hump after that is on the other side of the overpass, 700m down the road.

Vehicles can reach speeds well in excess of 100kph in an area where the posted speed limit is 50kph, with the noise affecting hundreds of residents.

Staff at IFA Properties, which leases apartments in the area, said they are aware of the noise and would like to see the police take action.

Nakheel, the property developer, has said it was not aware of the problem.

“I haven’t received any complaints about the noise on The Golden Mile and was unaware of the situation,” said Mohammed Al Mansoori, the director of the Palm Jebel Ali and The World – Nakheel PJSC Developments Group. “We will formally complain to the police and ask that they take action. The roads are the police’s responsibility and we hope that action will be taken as quickly as possible.”

Police said they were willing to increase surveillance in the area if necessary and asked that residents help them contain the problem.

“If anyone sees a traffic offence committed, especially one involving speeding or reckless driving, they should take down the licence plate number and contact the traffic police and we will issue a citation,” said Major Gen Saif al Zafein, who heads the Dubai traffic police. “If Nakheel would like us to increase patrols in the area or set up a speed camera then they need to make a formal request.”