x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

'Sorcery' theft earns three months in prison

A driver who was accused of using sorcery to control his employer's family was sentenced to three months in prison for stealing from them, a court decided.

DUBAI// A driver who stole Dh5,000 and a mobile phone from his employer's son was sentenced this morning to three months in prison, a court ruled.

The family grew suspicious of MP, 43, of India, after finding pieces of paper in his wallet that contained talismans, which are words believed by their carriers to have mystical powers.

JM, the son, told prosecutors that many strange events happened at their home, and all of his family members suffered on different occasions from sudden spasms, or even fainted for no obvious medical reason.

"We all underwent medical check ups and nothing wrong was found with any of us," JM said in his testimony before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

He added that his family brought people to recite verses from the Quran inside the house, which seemed to make MP very nervous and tense, records show.

The family searched MP and found the papers, records said. When the family members asked him about the papers, he said they were written to bring him good luck and money, records show.

JM said the family called police, who searched MP's room, where they found the mobile phone and the money, records show.

JM added that the stolen items went missing about 20 days before the family filed a report on February 2.

MP denied stealing the phone, saying he found it in the back yard of the villa, and was keeping it until someone asked for it. He also said the money belonged to him, and that he did not steal it, records said.

The police officer NA said in his testimony in court records that investigators found more papers containing words of sorcery in his room. The charges against MP were in connection with theft, not sorcery, according to records.