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Some of the UAE's stunning world records

The fastest Burj Khalifa climb, the highest sword throw and the most expensive Christmas tree are some of the records the UAE owns.

Fastest Burj Khalifa climb

On March 29, 2010, the French "Spider-Man" Alain Robert climbed the Burj Khalifa in six hours, 13 minutes and 55 seconds using his bare hands and rubber shoes.

Largest yola dance

On November 26, 2010, 285 participants from three tribes in Fujairah participated in the largest yola dance, as part of the Fujairah Crown Prince Award and Al Saif traditional sword competition, at Fujairah Fort.

Highest sword throw

Hazza Sulaiman Al Shehhi, 18, broke the record with a throw of 21.275 metres, also at the 2010 Al Saif sword competition. "After three attempts he broke the record, and it was measured using videography and a high-precision laser measuring meter called the Leica Disto D8," said Talal Omar, the Middle East representative for Guinness World Records.

Highest base jump

In January 2010, Nasser Al Neyadi and Omar Alhegelan performed the highest base jump from 672 metres off the Burj Khalifa. The pair reached speeds of more than 220kph during their freefall.

Most expensive Christmas tree

From December 16, 2010, to December 29, 2010, the most expensively dressed Christmas tree was valued at Dh41.3 million (US$11.2m). It was erected and displayed by Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The tree was covered in 181 items of jewellery and stood 13.1 metres tall.

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