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Six minutes of torture that led to student death caught on mobile phone

Video footage showing the assault of Mubarak Meshaal Al Mubarak has been recovered by Sharjah police, leading them to identify the third suspect in the killing.

SHARJAH // Police have recovered more than six minutes of mobile-phone footage showing the assault and torture that led to the death of a Kuwaiti teenager.

Two of the victim’s friends and fellow students are in custody and investigators have identified a third young man they want to question in connection with the attack.

“The prosecution has asked Sharjah Police to bring in this student, who is also of Kuwaiti nationality, for questioning. And we asked that if he has already left the country and returned to Kuwait, to have him extradited to face charges where the crime was committed,” said Rashid Majed Al Omran, Sharjah’s chief prosecutor.

Mubarak Meshaal Al Mubarak, 19, a first-year student at the University of Sharjah, died in hospital on February 25 from internal bleeding after sustaining multiple fractures.

Prosecutors were continuing yesterday to question the two students in custody, aged 18 and 19, one of them a member of the Kuwaiti royal family.

Investigators say the teenagers have admitted torturing the victim but questioning has not yet confirmed a motive for the attack,  or the role each one played.

Mr Rashid said investigators had also obtained crucial mobile-phone video from one of the students’ phones that showed the assault that led to the victim’s death.

The six minutes and three seconds of footage has been given to Sharjah forensic laboratory for analysis.

A primary forensic report last week before the body was released for repatriation and burial found signs of beating and burn marks.

A final forensic report, which will contain details of the postmortem examination, crime scene and video footage, is expected soon.

Mr Al Omran said prosecutors had also visited the crime scene, an apartment rented by one of the students, and collected evidence.

He said the investigation was expected to conclude soon and was likely to result in charges of deprivation of freedom, torture and premeditated murder.

The prosecution is co-operating with the Kuwaiti government in all its investigations, he said, and a delegation from the Kuwait consulate in Dubai has visited prosecution offices in Sharjah to pledge their support.