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Shoreline tenants pay daily for beach and pool, despite paying fees

Even tenants with fully paid service fees have been blocked from the beach, gym and pool.

DUBAI // A group of Shoreline tenants with fully paid service fees say they have also been blocked from the beach, gymnasium and pool.

Short-term sub-letters at Shoreline, who stay for a few days or weeks, can no longer use the facilities because the new access cards include picture IDs. They must buy day passes for Dh50 or Dh100.

This reduces the flow of strangers in the building and crowds of holidaymakers on the beach, said the Nakheel chairman Ali Lootah.

"A lot of people are happy that we sort of control that in a nice way," Mr Lootah said. "Just imagine you are a regular tenant and you have neighbours changing every day - a lot of people who want to go out all night partying coming home late."

He said up to half of the flats at Shoreline might house short-term guests, with at least 11 companies renting out, as well as owners.

Many owners agreed short-term visitors should pay day rates but the problem was minor, with perhaps 10 per cent of flats being sub-let, said Nader Alizadeh, an owners' association board member.

A bigger grievance was that friends or relatives also had to buy day passes, Mr Alizadeh said.

An owner who sublets his flat for six weeks a year said guests had decided not to come, even though he offered to buy their beach passes.

"We have had five people coming here for four years cancel," he said. "They had already booked but they didn't want the hassle."

Some tenants have spent weeks trying to collect the paperwork for an access card. A few said their landlords could not obtain their title deed as they still had a mortgage.

But they were regarded as owners when paying service fees, noted Pascale de Garrigues, 50, a French tenant who is banned from the beach.

The American Alex Rodriguez, 26, has two problems: his owner cannot get the title deed and his roommate is not named on the contract.

"I'll just sit in the office and tie my legs around the chair [until I receive two access cards]," he said.