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Sheikha Manal: Women must continue to take steps on career ladder

The head of Dubai Women Establishment, Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed, has said women are doing well but she encouraged more women to seize opportunities to realise their dreams.

DUBAI // The head of Dubai Women Establishment, Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed, said women were continuing to rise to higher positions across the country.

Her comments came as the DWE hosted sessions on the ways Emiratis could contribute during UAE Innovation Week.

Sheikha Manal, president of DWE, said that women were climbing the career ladder, in part because of Government policies that enabled them to strike a balance between work and family life, ensuring they were able to give their best and participate in the country’s march to development.

“Emirati women started entering the workforce over 30 years ago, representing 3.4 per cent in 1975 and 11.7 per cent in 1995. Currently, the female labour participation rate stands at 47 per cent, reflecting how the role of women has progressed significantly in the past few decades, in parallel with the nation’s growth.

“This is reflected across many sectors, including innovative industries such as science, technology, engineering and maths,” she said.

Sheikha Manal was speaking as UAE Innovation Week came to an end after more than 800 events across the country that encouraged innovation and entrepreneurialism.

“Forty-six per cent of the country’s graduates in Stem subjects, for example, are women,” Sheikha Manal said, but emphasised that there was still work to be done.

“As long as we continue to empower women with the right opportunities, we will be able to create a generation of women capable of sharing the role of leadership, excellence and development, particularly across sectors that are still considered male-dominated industries.”

Her vision is to see more opportunities for creativity and innovation across different areas of Stem in line with global trends.

She is also looking for more cross-discipline collaborations and more community engagement around innovative works.

“I believe that when innovation is being demonstrated publicly it can encourage and inspire others to pursue their innovative ideas,” she said.

“Innovation is limitless and creativity should not be constrained to any particular area. It should be embraced and encouraged in every field. I would advise and encourage women to pursue their aspirations and passions and see where it leads them.”

Sheikha Manal will introduce the innovation theme during the Global Women’s Forum, in Dubai in February, the first time the event is being held in the region.


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