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Sheikh Mohammed urges UAE residents to nominate their favourite building

This year's UAE Pioneers award will recognise groundbreaking achievements such as Louvre Abu Dhabi and Burj Khalifa

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid wants landmark developments such as Louvre Abu Dhabi to be celebrated on National Day.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid wants landmark developments such as Louvre Abu Dhabi to be celebrated on National Day.

Pioneering projects that have helped to put the UAE on the map are to be honoured as part of the country's National Day celebrations.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has called on people to show their support for landmark developments that have made the country a global player, in the fifth annual UAE Pioneers Award.

The awards were a call by Sheikh Mohammed for the people who have built the nation to be recognised.

This year, however, he wants the UAE's array of impressive projects - from Louvre Abu Dhabi to Burj Khalifa - to be celebrated.

“Brothers and sisters, this year we will celebrate the UAE’s pioneers in a different way,” Sheikh Mohammed said on his official Twitter account.

“We will not celebrate people, we will celebrate achievements. We will celebrate the projects that would leave a mark in the history of the UAE. Cultural, social, economic, scientific and infrastructure projects that will leave their mark on the march of our country.

“We have projects such as the Louvre, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro and Cleveland Hospital. Projects such as the Prince of Poets, the Reading Challenge and the Million's Poet. Projects such as Khalifa University, American University of Sharjah, Etihad Museum and the Mars probe.

“Nominate projects that Zayed would be happy to see. We will honour the teams who worked on the most important projects on National Day.

“We will open the door to our people to choose the most important projects themselves, the most important projects they think that will influence the march of their country. Projects they see as an extension of the commandments of Zayed and his future vision of the country.”

He asked people to nominate the projects using the hashtag #UAE_pioneers.


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