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Sharjah woman, lover arrested for plotting to kill her spouse

Money is the likely motive after husband, stabbed to death, had recently received a large sum from a relative.

SHARJAH // A married woman and her lover are among six Bangladeshis in custody for allegedly plotting to kill her husband to gain control of his assets, police have said.

The Bangladeshi man MA was found stabbed to death behind a shopping centre located in an industrial area last month, a police spokesman said yesterday. His wife MB told authorities that her husband had recently received a large sum of money from a relative and claimed that her paramour AM knew about it.

M A’s body had multiple stab wounds and was lying in a pool of blood when it was found, police said. A team of forensic experts attending to the scene suspected two abandoned bicycles in the neighbourhood were used by those involved in the crime.

”Police also found the weapons that were used to commit the murder in the neighbourhood, which comprised of a knife and a wooden log that were both stained with the victim’s blood,” the spokesman said.

Police raided M A’s apartment in the Al Majaz area after identifying him. His wife told them AM, a friend of her husband’s, had already notified her about his death, saying it was an accident.

M B then admitted that she was having an affair with AM, who was arrested as he attempted to flee the country with another man, MR, who was also taken into custody.

MB and AM confessed that they planned to kill MA after he received the funds from his brother when they were brought in for questioning. A M admitted that he discovered the PIN number for MA’s bank card and had the help of another accomplice, MW, in addition to the two men hired to carry out the killing.