x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Sharjah drivers face fine and licence points for reverse parking

Drivers in Sharjah will be fined Dh200 and receive three black points if they reverse their cars into parking bays.

Sharjah // Motorists in Sharjah will be fined Dh200 and have 3 black points added to their licence if they reverse park their cars.

According to police, the rear of a car parked in a bay must be facing out to the road otherwise the owner will be fined.

“Drivers have to park their vehicles in the same way they are told to do while in driving schools,” said Col Ahmed bin Darwish, the director of traffic and patrols at Sharjah Police.

“Those doing this kind of parking inconvenience other road users and the traffic in general as the driver has to first drive and then return backwards while other cars on the road wait.”

The parking rule is listed as number 118 of Sharjah’s traffic rules and regulations.

Col bin Darwish said the fines will continue to be issued to offending motorists and all urged road users to abide by the emirate’s traffic rules.