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Sex worker jailed for robbing businessman during 'massage'

The accused and two other women, who remain at large, tied the man down and robbed him after luring him to a flat in Naif

A sex worker who lured a tourist to her flat after under the guise of giving him a massage and then tied him up and robbed him has been sentenced to six months in jail.

On March 1, the 29-year-old tourist, from Tajikistan, arrived in Dubai on a business trip.

He visited Naif to buy electronics but was asked to wait for two hours while the shop attendant filled his order.

The businessman told Dubai Criminal Court that he chose to go for a walk to waste time but was approached by the Ugandan accused, 26, who offered him a massage.

“I accompanied her to a nearby flat after we agreed on a Dh10 massage session,” he said.

“She started massaging me but I didn’t like it so I pushed her away and put on my trousers before two other women stormed in and attacked me.”

The women tied the businessman to a bed and stole Dh5,400 and $8,800 (Dh32,000) in cash from him before running away.

The businessman managed to untie himself and chased them down the street, where they were spotted by police patrols.

Police arrested one of the three women who, during questioning, denied robbing the man and claimed the other two were responsible.

The other women remain at large but the Ugandan accused was charged with theft and prostitution.

She admitted to both charges in court.

On Wednesday, the woman was sentenced to six months in jail followed by deportation.

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